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Cerebral Connect on ALANGUDI TO ARGENTINA My Story so far….

Gnanam School of business has organized a  cerebral connect  on the topic “Alangudi to Argentina: My story so far” for both first year and second year students . Mr. R.Vishwanathan  former Indian America to Latin America acted as the resource person for the cerebral connect.

The session begins with his first school trip to Thanjavur. Then he told about  his abbreviation for MBA as  Millionaire Billionaire Aspirants and told us that we should become like celebrity millionaires CEO like Indra Noyi and Sundar Pitchai, Celebrity Billionaires Entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. And Home grown Billionaires as narayana moorthy and Shiv Nadar.

        The resource person with humility he said himself as PRA Poor Retired Ambassador and told a story with an example of Thomas frieghtman The World is Flat and explained that American parents at 20th century told their kids to eat food without wasting because Indian children are not having food and dying in hunger and malnutrition . The situation changed at 21th century that the parents told that finish your jobs otherwise Indian kids will take away the job .This explained the changes within years in education .

         He then clearly explained the imports and exports between Latin America and India. He then stressed with the word Political understanding which was the main aspect in any organization which is doing imports around the world and that understanding makes the jobs become easier. His simple jokes and short stories made us to think deeper about the import and export between the countries. The session was thought provoking and very useful for our future desires.


Fri Nov 18 2022


11:15 am - 1:15 pm
  • Details of the Guest(s):

    Mr.R.Viswanathan,Former Indian Ambassador to Latin America

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