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Coffee Table Talk

Gnanam School of Business – Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) was organised its ‘Flagship Event – Coffee Table Talk” on 11th May, 2022. The programme aims to have an interaction with an illustrious entrepreneur on a one-on-one basis. The program was aimed to orient the students towards entrepreneurship. This year, the program has been decorated by Shri B. V. Ramanan, CMD, Livia Polymer, Pudukkottai. The program has begun with the ‘Thematic Note’ presentation by Prof.S.Saravanan, Faculty Co-ordinator, GSB-EDC. Followed by that, the guest profile was presented to the gathering. In continuation of that, the programme has begun and it was moderated by Dr.S.Sundar, Director, GSB. During the conversation, Shri B. V. Ramanan, CMD, Livia Polymer has shared the following key aspects that never to taken a beaten path. He has also emphasized that academic excellence is the first step to entrepreneurship. It is not the money or fame that matters in entrepreneurship. The ultimate objective is to contributing to the holistic social development. Also, he do not look at for extraordinary people as his employees. Rather, he was fine with anyone who has got an attitude to translate them ordinary to extraordinary. He has reiterate that an entrepreneur must be a person who was well versed with various domains and an all-rounder. Then only, he/she can earn the respect, trust, recognition and so on. He has mentioned that today’s entrepreneurs for long term growth with sweat, efforts, tears and hardwork. He has highlighted that the entrepreneurs must be tech savvy and stay ahead. Finally, he added that an entrepreneurs must keep milestones and necessary moral indicators to distinguish from others. The conversation went about an hour. The coffee table talk conversion was rich, insightful and beneficial to the audience. Later, the forum opened for Q&A session. The students and dignitaries keenly engaged with the Chief Guest by raising valuable questions and clarified their doubts. At the end of the Program, Dr.B.Issac Johnny, Faculty, GSB delivered the vote of thanks. The program was successfully completed and met its objectives.


Wed May 11 2022


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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