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Meet the Entrepreneur

Gnanam School of Business – Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) was organised a monthly programme called “Meet the Entrepreneur Programme” on 17th June, 2022 during 4:30pm to 6:00pm. The programme aims to create an opportunity to students and to interact with an entrepreneur whom they will engage a meaningful discussion with them. It will help them to inculcate the qualities of a real-time entrepreneur and enhance their professional quality. The program has been decorated by Shri.Ashok Kannan, Co-Founder, Happy Hens Farms, Trichy.

The program has begun with the welcome address by Mr. Akshay Raja, Student Office Bearer of GSB EDC. Followed by that, the gust was honoured with a shawl and memento by Dr.S.Sundar, Director, GSB. The guest and his organization was introduced by Prof.S.Saravanan Faculty Co-ordinator, GSB – EDC.

The programme has begun sharp by 4:30pm. Shri.Ashok Kannan has shared his initiative, motto to start the business, business model and his early days. He had presented in a nutshell about the entire business story of his firm within 20 minutes. Later, he requested the students to raise questions rather delivering a lecture. The students were shooting questions for the next 60 minutes with intellectual curiosity. He has answered various questions such as positioning of his product, branding of egg, positioning the product in the minds of customers, conduction of market research, reinventing the business model of poultry, target customer profile, channel to deliver the products, challenges that he faced and many more questions. He had vividly answered all the questions posed by students in a spontaneous and lively manner. He has finally shared his suggestion to students that they should develop the habit of raising questions to find out the existing status quo of the norms in business, try to understand the path paved by our predecessors and look forward to growth without worried about the pain and intensity and hunger to learn. At the end of the session, Mr.Natrajan, Student office bearers of GSB-EDC proposed formal vote of thanks. The program was successfully completed and met its objectives.


Fri Jun 17 2022


4:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Details of the Guest(s):

    Mr. Ashok Kannan, Co-Founder, Happy Hens Farms, Trichy.

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