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Power Talk on Salesmanship

Gnanam School of Business organized a power talk on the title “Salesmanship” for the Drucker’s of GSB. Dr. Michael David Premkumar, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Management Studies, Bishop Heber College, Trichy acted as the Resource Person for the power talk. The power talk was organised during 12.15pm to 01.15pm in the lecture hall 2.

The session began with the resource person sharing his industry experience to the students. Salesmanship is the ability to persuade people to buy goods and services at a profit by the seller and benefits to the buyer. The main essential qualities of an effective salesman are personality, cheerful disposition, mental ingredients, courtesy, patient, perseverance, complete knowledge about the product, about the company and the customer. The main objective of salesmanship is to create demand for the product or service. The salesman personally makes the customers to listen to the explanation about the utility of the product. He tries to convince the buyers that the customer may buy the product. Salesmanship’s main quality is convincing power.

The resource person also explained the difference between marketing and selling, difference between product and service, market penetration and so on. Service offers value, product offers features both delivers benefit to the customers. Now a day’s most of the organization do selling instead of marketing, for example Kellogg’s, KFC, IPhone, Samsung etc.

 The resource person also discussed three cases from his life experiences which also came with three conclusion customer needs a consultant, meet the right man for getting order and anything and everything leads to sales. The session was useful to the students and to get to know the role of marketer and salesman in an organization.


Tue Jun 14 2022


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Details of the Guest(s):

    Dr. Michael David Premkumar, Associate Professor & Head, Department of Management Studies, Bishop Heber College, Trichy.

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